Australian Youth Rocketry Challenge Inc.

2013 AYRC Biggest Challenge to Date!

2013 ayrc group

Whilst the night sky was still upon us, the 2013 AYRC volunteers headed to the launch site in preparation for the fourth Australian Youth Rocketry Challenge. With many new faces ready to take part in the running of the event, everyone promptly sprung into action and in no time the entire launch site was ready for the big day ahead.

As teams gathered and setup their preparation areas, it was exciting to see the large number of spectators also making the effort to attend. There were approximately 250 people at the event which means AYRC is continuing to grow stronger every year.

Trialing a new high end digital audio system, the wireless microphones and background music served to be popular with the LCO, RSO, participants and spectators. This year also saw many new sponsors with a fresh look certificate and banner.

In true AYRC fashion, there were some high power demonstration launches and everybody’s favourite ‘Cool Spool’ on a F50-4T. The Australian Rocketry ‘Company Ute’ took to the skies on a H180 Skidmark whilst Bruce’s RBS 70 Bollide roared on a J335 Red Lightning.

As primary schoool teams prepared their rockets for the first round of launches, it was incredible to see the young imaginations come to life. From stars to hotdogs to guinea pigs, fin and rocket designs were certainly taken to a new level of creative design.

With so many fantastic rockets and launches, this year we trialled an encouragement award for a team in each category that, whilst not taking out one of the prizes, gave their launch evertyhing they had. These teams also showed a high level of enthusiasm and encouragement towards other teams when it just wasn’t there day. Boonah SPS’ ‘Hotdogs’, received the primary encouragement award and Canterbury College’s ‘Pretty Fly For White Guys’ received the secondary encouragement award with their awesome G80 punching through the sky at a great rate.

In a tied score for second and third places in the primary school challenge, it came down to the minor scoring criteria to determine the places. A separated nose cone meant Beaudesert SPS’ ‘Sky High’ claimed bronze with 201 points. Rochedale South ‘Moon Masters’ took silver, also with 201 points and Beaudesert SPS’ ‘Nitro’ claimed overall victory with 213 points.

This years secondary challenge saw some ‘really cool’ flights as the aerospace boundaries were pushed beyond the limits. Aviation High unfortunately fell victim to these limitations and have endeavoured to find the issues for an improved and unbeatable attempt next year. With a target of 750 feet and 40-45 seconds airborne, all without breaking the egg, Indooroopilly SHS’ ‘Indro CCB’ claimed the bronze with 550 feet at 31 seconds and Beaudesert SPS’ ‘Team Swag’ managed 637 feet at 33.4 seconds to take the silver. Congratulations to the winners of the 2013 Australian Youth Rocketry Challenge, now with back to back titles, Grace Lutheran’s ‘The Grace Race’ claimed victory with 682 feet at 39.4 seconds.

Congratulations must go to all teams that participated. Over the last four years, we have seen not only growth in participation, but also in participants knowledge and cognitive skills. I would also like to personally thank all of the volunteers that take the time to ensure the day runs smoothly for what is undoubtedly one of the most exciting challenges on the schooling calendar.

With our sights now set on next year, the fifth Australian Youth Rocketry Challenge, the rules are about to change to make AYRC 2014 a whole lot more exciting. I look forward to seeing you there.

Blake Nikolic
Australian Youth Rocketry Challenge Inc.