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AYRC 2016 – Queensland Panthers and Cows for the Win!

AYRC 2016 - Queensland Panthers and Cows for the Win!

AYRC 2016 – Queensland Panthers and Cows for the Win!

Following a hectic schedule of AYRC events, presentations and launches in recent weeks it was time to once again finish off the season at the Queensland Rocketry Society’s LA2.

A fresh morning saw the usual suspects spring into action as the site was set up. AMRS Chancellor, Dave Couzens and his wife Mel (aka ‘Lamington Lady’) graciously travelled from Western Australia and joined the team in preparing that many elements that would make this event one of the best yet.

Teams trickled in and made their way to the rocket preparation area where AYRC helpers were waiting to assist. Some of the most creative rockets that have been seen at AYRC were present this year and of special mention was team Inspector Clueso with their Pink Panther showcase.

As rockets started to take to the skies, a couple of special guests appeared, some local members of the Queensland Police Service stopped by and happily got involved with launching some demonstration rockets. Needless to say, they had a blast!

In extra curricular activity, Natan’El, Yehezq’El and Elisha really brought their Pink Panther theme to life with a live presentation of Inspector Clueso and their rocket ‘Panther’ as the live saxophone played the very recognisable theme song. This raised the bar of entertainment at AYRC as the crowd cheered on with enthusiasm.

With many great launches, the day was not complete without some exciting launches including Churchie and their rocket ‘Viking 1’ that after an excellent boost landed on a powerline. Utilising an ‘Altimeter 3’, the team were able to extract data via bluetooth. Unfortunately, the egg was not able to be recovered, so the flight was unable to be completed.

The BBQ sizzled throughout the day to keep everyone ‘fuelled’ up as the flights kept coming and as the last of teams rockets took to the skies a final high power demonstration flight was completed.

With great anticipation, the places were finalised and the primary challenge shaped out as follows. In third place with an overall score of 156 was Rochedale SS – Animal Lovers with their rocket ‘Animal Paradise’. Second place was taken out by another Rochedale SS team with 172 points and their rocket ‘Rainbow Rocket’. In the top spot for 2016 with 180 points was first time entrants Maleny SPS – Maleny Rocketeers and their rocket ‘Flaming Cow’.

The secondary challenge had a thrilling ending with only three eggs returned in one piece. This helped the judges collate their scores quickly and in third place was Somerset College and their rocket ‘Big Boy’. In second place was Rochedale SHS with their ‘Harry Potter’ rocket. Taking out first place after a lot of dedication and hard work to entire process was the well deserving Inspector Clueso team from Faith Distance Education.

AYRC 2016 has encountered a number of new challenges as the event grows with the new additional rounds and we look forward to further expanding this around the country. To everyone that has supported, volunteered or participated in AYRC throughout the years, the entire team wish to thank you for being a part of history so far.

Looking towards 2017, a new launch site has been secured in Victoria and more teams than ever have expressed their interest in competing. We look forward to doing the national circuit again next year.

Blake Nikolic
Australian Youth Rocketry Challenge Inc.