Australian Youth Rocketry Challenge Inc.

AYRC 2016 – Western Australia Inaugural Triumph


AYRC 2016 – Western Australia Inaugural Triumph

After a number of years of planning, the AYRC expanded the rounds to head to Western Australia for the first official WA event. With grey clouds and light rain looking to dampen the day, the AYRC team, including representatives from the Australian Model Rocket Society Inc. and host club the Western Australian Rocketry Society Inc. (WARS) made the journey to Grass Valley. On the drive, the clouds mostly dissipated clearing the way for a spectacular view of hot air balloons flying across the horizon.

After some crafty site ‘mowing’ made up of a series of vehicles flattening the preparation area, the site was promptly set up. The entertaining mood of the day was quickly realised with a selection of fine tunes pumping through the portable PA system. Resident photographer, Denholm Couzens snapped photos throughout the day and captured some great elements of the event.

As teams arrived, they setup under the marquees and without delay, started preparation of their magnificent rockets. As eggs were handed out, participants carefully assembled their payloads ready to have their rockets scrutinised and loaded on the rails for launch.

AYRC LCO veteran, Petar Nikolic amped up the crowd and participants and assisted teams as they employed the launch process. Whilst a few light spots of rain passed over, this did not dampen the day as one by one, rockets took to the skies. Once cleared, teams would excitedly rush to gather their rockets and return them for judges review.

During the day, a delicious lunch was provided to participants by Mel ‘Lamington Lady’ Couzens and her team.

Once all of the scores were collated, the results were ready to be shared, but not before a series of demonstration flights including a high power J1520VMax were flown by Drew Hamilton and Steve Yeomans which were nothing short of spectacular.

In third place was ‘Sherry and Toads Destroyer’ who were closely followed in second place by ‘Termini Bros’. The champions of the inaugural WA round for AYRC was ‘Apollo’.

Land owner, Clause, who is an avid aviator himself, proudly presented the trophies and medallions to the winning teams.

Thank you to everything that was involved in bringing the AYRC to Western Australia, in particular the participants who have are already discussing how to improve on their flights for next year. A special thank you to everyone from WARS who were fantastic hosts.

Plans are in place to expand the WA challenge in 2017 with promotions to educational groups to commence later this year. We look forward to flying in the west again.

Blake Nikolic
Australian Youth Rocketry Challenge Inc.