Australian Youth Rocketry Challenge Inc.

Q: Is this hobby safe?

A: ABSOLUTELY! The hobby operates under the simple and easy-to-follow Model Rocket and High-Power Rocket Safety Codes, which have been fine-tuned by professional engineers and public safety officials to maximize user and spectator safety. The foundations of these Safety Codes are that model rockets must be electrically ignited from a safe distance with advance warning to all those nearby, must have recovery systems, must be flown vertically in a suitably-sized field with no aircraft in the vicinity, and must never be aimed at a target or used to carry a pyrotechnic payload. All model rocket motors are subjected to extensive safety and reliability certification testing to strict international standards.

There has been well over 500 million flights since the hobby was founded. With internationally recognised safety codes, model rocketry’s record shows that it is safer than the majority of other model or outdoor physical activities.

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