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Q: What is a Model Rocket?

A: A model rocket is a reusable, lightweight, non-metallic flight vehicle that is propelled vertically by an electrically-ignited, commercially-made, certified, and non-explosive solid fuel rocket motor. Beside very important safety reasons, it is illegal for any rocket hobbyist to mix, load chemicals or manufacture raw propellant; all model rocket motors are bought pre-made, including reusable casing type systems. Model rockets are always designed and built to be returned safely and gently to the ground with a recovery system such as a parachute.

They are always designed to be recovered and flown many times, with the motor being replaced between flights.

Model rockets come in two size classes: LOW & MID POWER rockets, which are less than 1500grams in weight, have less than 62.5 gram (125 gram under some conditions) of propellant, and generally available to consumers of all ages; and HIGH-POWER rockets, which are larger, use motors larger than ā€œGā€ power, and are available only to certified individuals.

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